Month: October 2012

Why you need a Travel Agent

I came across a great set of articles on about the benifits of using a travel agent

“A good travel agent is there ‘pillow to pillow.’ People think they can just book flights, hotels, or car rentals themselves, and sometimes they can, especially if nothing goes wrong. But when your flight is cancelled and you are standing in line waiting to be rebooked, believe me, you’ll wish you had a travel agent. I’d already be working on it for you.”

Source: Why You Need a Travel Agent Part 1

“The travel agent may get the same rate as you, but in many cases, they get upgrades worth a couple of hundred dollars or more per night, from room class upgrades which are significant to extras like champagne on arrival, free breakfast daily, in some cases even free meals and free spa treatments. Would you rather pay the same for a standard room as for a suite? Of course not. Or pass up a free massage because you didn’t want to call a travel agent?”

Source: Why You Need a Travel Agent Part 2

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